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Lockport Chiropractic is pleased to announce that we have just opened a brand new location in Manhattan, IL. The address of our second location is 24520 S. Route 52, Manhattan, IL, 60442. The new facility is equipped with the same state of the art technology and equipment as our Lockport location, along with brand new furnishings and accessories. Your Manhattan chiropractor will provide the same outstanding menu of quality services and techniques as our Lockport location.

Chiropractic Lockport And Manhattan IL LC Chiropractic Physical Therapy


Our Life-Changing team offers the highest quality of care through therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular rehabilitation, skilled hands-on techniques, modalities, and extensive self-care education. Everything you need to maximize your quality of life.

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As a team, we genuinely care about surpassing your expectations and personal goals as we:

  • Treat the whole person not only the dysfunction.
  • Address lifestyles and each unique situation prior to designing an individualized plan of care.
  • Build a rapport with referring physicians to give confidence in how their patients will be taken care of.
  • Ensure a multidisciplinary approach to maximize overall functional capabilities.
Chiropractic Lockport And Manhattan IL LC Chiropractic Weight Room


  • TRX Suspension Training Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • FREE AGING VIBRANTLY (Senior Fitness Class)
  • Private one-on-one Certified Personal Training
  • Partner Certified Personal Training
  • Weight Loss Classes
  • Fit4Mom Programs
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Dr. Ausra specializes in helping clients to make diet and lifestyle changes to improve health and vitality, reduce toxic overload, and increase energy. She emphasizes on creating a lifestyle which includes teaching natural ways to enhance good health, optimal wellness, and encourage longevity. She specializes in digestion conditions, (gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, inflammatory bowel), food sensitivities, allergies, candida (yeast), hormone imbalance, hypertension, diabetes, and fatigue.